Who was Yuri Andropov

When I first setup this page and it’s associated domain on the Super Dimensional Fortress_ , I had a fairly decent grasp of some of the more significant leaders of the USSR like Stalin, Lenin, Brezhnev and Gorbachev to name a few and, of course the present day leader of the “former” USSR (now Russia)… Putin. But I was completely ignorant and had zero knowledge of the very short lived leader of the KGB and USSR afterwards known as Yuri Andropov of which is the name of the domain_ name where the Nomadic American Labs ultimately resides. It finally dawned upon me that I owe it to my readership and more importantly to myself to learn more about him and share it.

Yuri Andropov is a curious and unique figure in the history of the USSR, Communism and it’s ultimate demise per say in Russia_ as it stands today in 2015. He also clearly demonstrated his persona as one whom could be called upon to make hard choices and be ruthless in some aspects as well as show a very humane and reachable figure in the global arena. It is very sad in these days where most of humanity (at least in America) has mostly forgotten about many ironic details of the cold war, and the varying interactions our two countries had during the Cold War itself.

For History is the Oracle, make no mistake… of humanity itself, and Futurology is the vessel to Man’s closing of his distance and alienation between his brothers and siters, all other sentient creatures, and the nature of the universe itself. But we forget this simple fact.

In some ways I guess you could say that Andropov was a Dichotomy to many of the traditional Marxists theories as a whole in regards to how they were applied traditionally within the Soviet Union, that being said many scholars of this man have stated that although many of his actions were harsh and were hardline in nature. For example he lead the suppression of the uprising in Hungary in 1968, and was also very involved directly in 1979 in the USSR’s in the invasion of Afghanistan, finally he carried out many reformations and campaigns against workers in the USSR against drudergy, and drunkeness within the proletariet. He also was against the corrupt nature of the “Breshnev Mafia”, and he himself lived in very spartan quarters_.

At the same time though, Andropov believed very much in the drastic reformations in the state’s economy lest it not thrive, but thought he could integrate some of captilaism’s reforms while still leaving the political/cultural/ideological core_ of the state of the USSR intact. Many believe that Putin shares certain similarities with Andropov’s political outlook. I do not believe I am qualified to really comment on this, so we will leave it at that.

What really is interesting and tells a story of the human nature of the cold war is the interaction of a 10 year United States Citizen Samantha Smith from Maine and Yuri Andropov between 1982 though 1983. Every video tells a story.

.. youtube:: XVHW5CA3MXw

Well hopefully, I helped you fire off a few neurons this morning, and you learned a few things about the state of the USSR and USA during the Cold War in the beginning of the 1980s. I wonder what would have transpired had Andropov not have passed away so early into the beginning of his governence of the USSR. The Owl of truth only knows.

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