The Real Heroes and the Women Warrior Ethos

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Recently I came across a gem of a Blog entitled The Female Soldier written by a lovely lady from the UK, whom curates information on Woman Warriors that originate from different countries, wars, and historic time periods… that is really rad. One of the warriors that she wrote about there was truly amazing, she was one of the very few women, that in the history of world was a Tank commander. Hell Yeah! You can’t front on that. Her name was Aleksandra Samusenko, and was in the Soviet Army during WWII. What is awesome is that they show some photos of her and she was a strikingly beautiful women. End of story. I don’t want to be a spoiler so you go to the link and read the post.To give credit where credit is truly due.

What bothers me, is that to this day in the year 2015, the 21st century. There are thousands of my sisters, my comrades that have endured so much harm and abuse at the hands of their own brethren/comrades, in order to satiate their power and sexual urges. For many decades as well, Veterans Affairs was not duly equipped and armed with an effective toolset to help my sisters heal themselves. Even more so the Armed Forces and their respective Military Legal units, Inspector Generals, and JAGs are still not effectively prosecuting the personnel that carry out these acts of abuse. These women are truly heroes, they broke down the barriers and boundaries of cultural and societal gender role imprisonment to clearly demonstrate many times over that WAR and the military is

So why? Why do you keep hurting your own people? Defending the country and War are hard enough as it is, yet you still want to go around victimizing and shaming those whom you should befriend and protect.

We just recently put Kristen Griest and Shaye Haver through the United States Army Rangers training course this year. The Soviet Union has had us beat by over seventy years, better yet this was under Josef Stalin. WTF over? Hello?

My first two supervisors in the Air Force were women, and one of my drill instructors in Basic Military Training were women and they were outstanding leaders and mentors. I always will remember that. At a very basic cultural level, this is because in Capitalism and in Western Societies we continually victimize ourselves and limit ourselves by building cultural prisons upon what Capitalism and Judaeo/Christian thought imprints upon our respective psyches. We do this to ourselves, as men and women living in this kind of world. What is tragic though is at times, although women are making monumentally epic strides in the military breaking down barriers, yet it sometimes seems like we cannot collectively overcome and breakdown these boundaries in other aspects of our society and culture.

The stories that you find on this blog I believe without a doubt, show you the reader that both men and women are equal. STFU. So, remember this when you start to act disrespectfully to you wife, sister, mother, or some really hot lady you see during the course of your day. Have their back, always!

So these next 4 videos here, in my humblest of humblest opinion, extoll the Women Warrior Ethos and send a Message to the perpetrators. Listen and Learn.

I tell you what man, straight up… I got so much pride for some of the women I served with, and honestly know at 51 years old, if I ever saw someone hurt or abuse my female counterparts, someone gonna bump their head. We can leave it at dat! Word is bond. Because it means that much.

Something else I found kind of ironic is that I know a number of women that have a very distorted perception of any young woman that takes the “Oath” and picks up arms. That kind of thing only hurts all females and their unity regardless of the culture.

This week I was watching TV, and I picked up a rather lame “dirty little habit” and I was watching Dr. Phil and they showed this story, and it tore me up man. Because over the years I found out… that most of us stupid humans… We don’t start doing hardcore self-medication unless we endured a lot of abuse/exploitation.

Well these are just my thoughts and opinions as well as one tiny myopic effort on my part to show my love in writing to all the women warriors. May you walk in light and the sun shine down on you with a smile on your face today.

This Post, these words, are dedicated to my Niece Monica who served in the United States Army Reserve in Afghanistan in direct support of OEF, as a Civil Affairs Troop.

Much Love Mija.

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