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the path

Lately I have had many really good ideas and thoughts for posts, but I have been overly focused on riding my fixed gear bicycle on a daily basis. At 51 years old, it is of paramount importance to try to maintain some sort of physical active regimen. My ride is roughly about 13.7 miles daily. Reading wise, I have been trying desperately trying finish up reading Head First Python. I love this book, and have literally typed in all the example source code, and ensured that the code ran successfully. I am seriously addicted to two Android games by Madfinger games, Dead Trigger Two and Unkilled. Yes… both of them have (IAP) In App Purchases.

As you all know that read my most recent posts prior to this one, I was preparing to participate in the 2015 Cruise for Boobs. Unfortunately, I got all weirded out and overwhelmed to the point of some minor anxiety over doing it. So needless to say I did not go along on the trip. It had to do with a number of things

Well, Joey and crew went and the adventure was a huge success. I give a million bows of respect to these people. What I am going to try and do is reach out to Joey and the other people that made the journey and see if they would be interested in providing a guest post on the Nomadics. We’ll see so stay tuned and I am going to try my hardest to see what will play out.

Addionally, there have been times lately where I really start to wonder if maintaining this blog is worth it. I don’t want to become rich or monetize it. My main goal is to grow at least a fairly significant readership, and hopefully elevate people/raise their consciousness here and there at times. But my interests passions are so eclectic/obscure that I truly wonder if I can pull that off… ever…

But for now I will continue on this labor of love and futility.

Hold Fast… Because there will be more content coming within the next 48-72 hours my friends, alot of curated content I have found and I have to take a Huge Dump. Link Dump… that is.

** UPDATE: This post just trailed of into the ether I tell ya.**

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