What have I been up to

The Man Who Laughs Summary: What I have been doing lately

Wellll! It’s been a while eh? I guess roughly around two months or so. Well I have been doing a lot of riding of my bike and tinkering with all the bikes in the stable. I finally found my Contour HD video camera, which is a good thing. I am very close to finishing ‘The Hekigan Roku’ up what is better known as the blue cliff record as well, so soon there will be a post for it.

When I am not riding I am going for long walks of a mile or more daily with my dog “Oscar”. I have also made some good headway into my reading of “Headfirst” Java which I think is pretty good so far, but it’s been somewhat rough around the edges at Chapter 5. When it comes to coding though sometimes that is a blessing in disquise if you know what I mean. I finally picked up a Dough-Joe baking steel for making my pizzas and bread and I gotta say it is a godsend for sure. Now! Listen Up! If you go down the sacred path to Pizza Truth, don’t buy any other pizza steel except from Dough-Joe because their prices are amazing compared to other pizza steels.

In the end one of the main things I have really started to get into is cooking. Not just pizzas but all kinds of stuff. I have a lot of food porn pictures of my breads and pizzas but for some reason never show them on my blog. Well maybe I should change that.

Been also getting into listening to some good ol' “Youth Crew” style punk and hardcore as well as some unique sounds of the street in the form of hiphop.

Mainly listen to this stuff, while I am riding my fixed gear indoors on the trainer.

So… click on the link below and check out this magic

Hamburger Helper

Awww Yeaahhh


Enjoy it.

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