Tiny Houses Documentary

TINY: A STORY ABOUT LIVING SMALL from First Run Features on Vimeo.

Sorry about the lack of posts, for the last 3 weeks or so I have been having a hella good time nursing a broken wrist back to health as well as now an infected tooth. So I have had a good amount of time to just veg out and binge on Hulu etc.

So I watched this documentary about a young man in his early twenties who decides to build a Tiny House. But this guy is completely in the dark and a total noob on the whole project, and they get pretty personal into his life and this journey. There are stark and deep parallels to this kid’s life and my own. I actually watched this documentary twice and both times I got really choked up about it.

The story does not come off over zealous or utopian at all and I thought that was a big plus, and interspersed with this kid’s experience they talk and interview other Tiny housers and some of the dialogue is extremely thought provoking for any with a pulse. Topics that cover space, and home that are quite profound.

One of the couples they interview is the Strobles from Rowdy Kittens

Seriously the video is quite breath taking, the story is moving and it is thought provoking. What more could you want.

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