Taunted and Haunted


Daily I sit atop my pirch in my room staring out my window Daily She waves relentlessly in the breeze as the Jersey air blows taunting me

The flag Guts-n-glory haunting me

like a betrayed lover staring into gloom and everything about her has turned a palid grey Just like the flag on my arm I that I must restore as if painstakingly sweeping your sidewalk with a broom

almost too much to bear what I see almost too much to share too always struggle to live free

I was misled in every way betrayed by engineers of malignancy especially in areas of foregin policy evil has burst forth from the fetid pregnancy

All Kingdoms rise and fall Due to avarice, pride, hubris, and apathy Because karmically these peoples did not heed the call Now it’s getting harder to find friends and even those with sympathy

As my finger tacitally types out these words she gently sways back and forth on this sunday mourn she is a symbol of every action of her people, is the karmic burden too big to be borne

But through all these turbulent times, personally and nationally she is a thing of striking beauty It has become than just the symbol to me, more than just what it supposedly respresents For all of us that went and did our duty For my comrades in arms that died fighting for our countrty past and present

Now instead of haunting, she is my ground My anchor Just waving silently, now making a sound Much more comforting than my banker

Please dont thank me Better yet, just think critically, and try to live free

One Love and Respect for the people of the land our pride, hatred, and anger we must neglect we must stop fetishizing the hidden hand

turn inward stilling the noise try to understand learn to transcend and build national joys together we can stand

United and Undivided Solidified and cohesive instead of exploitative and abusive Confident instead of indecisive

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