In the end… There was OpenBSD, and SSG

dark king Thanks to Wen-M

So… this is the way we kick things off eh? Well this is one the most heaviest songs ever written. Nothing more Nothing less Nothingness.

So I have spent forever looking for a jaw drapping visual for the top of this post. Nothing is doing for me, so we ended up with this.

So I have been writing a blog or keeping a site since the year 2014ish. I also did a short run on blogspot for a while way back as well as Drupal as well.

Hell, even back in like 2003 during OIF/OEF I was using Postnuke and Drupal etc.

Knew enough about PHP and Msyql to be dangerous and to get sites deployed.

So anyway in 2014 I finally got it together and started to consistently post on my blog. This Blog was hosted until 2016 where things just kind of lanquished. This blog was hosted on and employed the Pelican site generator which was built Python.

Also for about a year or so I used Django, so I built up the example app by the Django Girls tutorial. This was furthered tailored to suit my needs as a simple blog. This app was hosted on

So I was justing rolling through the intertubes when I cam across Roland Zolotarev’s site from a post he made in the Openbsd subreddit. So I was checking this guy’s site out which is OpenBSD focused, and he had created his own Static Site Generator using a shell script and some of the tools found in OpenBSD packages, and further more he hosted it on Vultr where you can spin up a OpenBSD machine for cheap. Then secure it with Lets Encrypt.

When I was working on this project both Roman and myself talked at length regarding some issues in Web Development that nailed it for me. It’s all about security, and creating solutions with minimal overhead. This particular setup is as barebones as one can get. Well I guess in 2016 I just got really tired of the idea of posting and wondering wtf people don’t read my writing. Maybe I suck:) Oh well.

So I guess I will just lay out some of the things I was up the last 24 months. I read some really amazing books, the two top titles were:

The “America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A military history” by Andrew Bacevich, I will be doing a full blown review of this in the very near future.

The “Silmarillion” by JRR Tolkein, same with this, it is a foundation of my literary base of knowledge. Tolkein was a true genius.

I also have started to make my own handmade artisan pasta.

I have also started getting very good at baking bread, reading “Ken Forkish – Water Flour Salt Yeast”

I finally bought a Kilo WT fixed gear.

Started taking TaeKwonDo, and I have achieved green belt status as of this time.

I have been doing the FreeCodeCampand I am currently working on the Wikipedia API.

I do not do social networks at all.

I am on codepen and FreeCodeCamp

I also spend a lot of time listening to Atmospheric Black Metal and Dungeon Synth music. Two genres that I find beyond interesting.

I finally finished watching all the seasons of Mr. Robot.

I literally migrated all of my former blogs posts over to SSG, they are now hosted on this site.

By the way, this blog is not using any Google Analytics.

So this site is all I got.

For now you won’t find my email address on here.

If you really want to get in touch and it’s worth the trouble you will figure it out.

For the past 8 months or so I have been an active member of Lincroft Zen Sangha, and trying to sit in Zazen on a daily basis. Somedays are better than others.

I have been spending a lot of time in my kitchen making bread, pasta and pizzas for the most part. I will be posting some pictures of the food that I have made along the way. I think you be wowed:)

I could be wrong though.

I have been going over in detail CVE-2017-5638 that brought down Experian, and it’s devastation. This just on a technical level in detail at first.

I don’t know but I think it’s sad at what the Internet has become in many ways. The first word that comes to mind at this point is TOXIC, on all levels and with all industries associated with it.

But I am not a Luddite.

I have a new brand and domain

I am letting go of “Nomadic American Labs”, because it just does not suit me anymore for the most part. I loved travel, even aimless travel. Planes, Trains, boats etc. But now, with TSA, the insanity you in the news almost daily. Just thinking about it sucks. Same with just going out and about locally to stores, most people are dicks.

I did recently go out on a micro trip to Philly, that was truly awesome.

So if look around your immediate environment you will find some cool things, just gotta look.

So now I am very very local, and I only go out to take care of business then go home to the crib.

I could say this is short term, but the way things are going I don’t thing this mindset will morph into something else.

lexically “Dethroned Emperor” is a bad ass pair of words. Envision a frost bitten and ridden king, sitting forlorn on his throne accessing a ruined and barren wasteland by himself.

In the end aren’t we all just “Dethroned Emperors” from our once majestic yet imaginary kingdoms of our youth and wonder years. Yet, we can’t shed any more tears.

Kingdoms rise and fall, and sometimes in life, they rise again. But I don’t see that happening for me anymore, the confidence level is not high.

We will see what happens in the here and now constantly.

One goal I seriously did not finish is reading “Head First Java” which I need to do.

I bought a refurbed Thinkpad and threw OpenBSD on it. Life is Good.

So stick around and hopefully you will stumble across a post that you find is a good read.

Be well my Comrades.

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