Time to Slow Down

Please Slow Down


In 2015 and most of this year, I had this sinister feeling that I had literally come to the end of the internet… in the context of finding content that really had some kind of intrinsic value, and this especially when it came to blogs. Seldom, do I ever read a post (even ones that I truly enjoyed) and think to myself that here is a true blue diamond that needs to be extolled. Well the The Dis-Ease of Being Busy *(Click the link and read, run don’t walk) just happens to be one such post and this is a post that discusses something that is slowly eroding away our “authenticity” as human beings.

I have thought to myself and stated in various mediums recently that addiction in it’s rawest forms is the unhealthy pursuit of mere sensory- pleasures (among-st other things). It is also an overt symptom of capitalism’s increasing metastasizing in the beginning of the 21st century. This can no longer be overlooked.

We are increasingly fetishizing productivity for the sake of what? At the cost of what? Our own human nature and being?

Too Busy

There is a huge difference between malingering, loitering and the process of slowing down, to take control of our authenticity as human beings and the genuineness of what we produce, how we produce, and why we produce as well as the time frame at which we produce things concretely to bring to the table. There is a point at which too much structure becomes unhealthy to an organism, there has to be some slack in the chain, some leeway, a crack in the window sash, for individualized growth. I think many times that we structure our daily lives, as well as those within the power hierarchy above us, out of fear and many times we are unable to identify and correctly label the fear as well.

Had a Meltdown

The way we have to live and survive within the capitalist reality, alienates us (I will never stop repeating this message). How many of you forget or have forgotten completely, what it is to be truly aware and cognizant of your local neighborhood and it’s physical environment? How many of you still remember how to function socially on a truly authentic level, without being a cheap knock-off of what your social networks dictate are the norm? Are you now a hollow shell and cheap veneer of who you really are?

Feel The Love

Do you know the state of your heart?

It’s time, if you can, which I beg of you. To slow down, no one can make this decision except you….

I can bring you the mail, but I can’t make you open it and read it.

But you may miss the spiritual payout letter, in which the rewards will bring you back to a spiritually richer way to live.

Children of

It’s not a game baby!

Take Your Order

It’s way too hard for any of us to try to shirk off the true impact of this post

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