Metal didn’t turn away… You Did…


So when I found out about Slayer day, I just fucking smirked a little bit and laughed aloud at the thought of it. Here we are in the 21st century with the declaring of a holiday to commemorate the iconic thrash band “Slayer”. TBH it’s hard for me to even look at the new Slayer material on YouTube to see how old Araya is now. More to his looks, but hey I am 54 and I know for sure I am really hard on the eyeballs for anyone to see.

So thank Predatory capitalism for not allowing you to view the above video, if you want to, go to youtube and search for the Slayer “Repentless” Video. My apologies.

I was very bummed when Jeff Hanneman passed,

he was a true badass and his guitars were were awesome in the area of aesthetics IMHO. Back in 87-91 for me was there heyday, and up until there first live album, they were the godfathers of thrash. Reign in blood is a biblical thrash album. But they are by no means the sole Godfathers of Thrash. There are fuck tonnes of thrash bands from that era that never got the notoriety that they deserved.

And to be honest lets move up in the taxonomy of genres back to just bare “Metal”. Maybe it’s just me but there has been a resurgence of some really just unbelievably awesome bands within the genre of Metal and all of it’s sub-genres. Personally thank God (or Satan) for that because it just what I needed.

I have always been a hesher, and a hessian or are these two terms the same. My first intro to Metal… A big obvious one here, was Sabbath. Without Sabbath there would be no life in my, the blood in my veins would freeze and my heart stop beating.

Then came. Judas Priest Then Maiden Then

Slayer, Anthrax, Celtic Frost, ManOWar etc. etc.

(Pretty wild seeing the above bands having top level .com domains, good for them)

OMFG I really FUed here because if I had never listened to Metallica’s first 4 albums I would have never known anything about Thrash or Punk and Hardcore, and that goes for MegaDeth as well.

But both Metallica and MegaDeth languished in my liking of them to the point of obsolescence on a magnitude off the scale, due to obvious reasons IMHO.

Then came Punk, Hardcore, and Oi (As well as some Ska)

And for a while all I was lived and breathed was Punk, Hardcore, Oi and Ska for the most part of life.

Most of the time.

Celtic Frost and ManOwar always stayed with me… Hence the domain name.

In 2008 I purchased a Primordial Album who musically I loved, but the lyrics I really loved.

But in 2010ish I heard the band Winter

and also Burning Witch

These two bands just destroyed shit completely, especially Winter.

I also was checking out eyehategod somewhat too. Eyehategod just destroys completely.

Then in the Fall of 2015 I heard and watched the Video for Visigoth’s “Revenant King” and their shit just blew me away.

I also started listening to Jake Rogers other band “Caladan Brood” and it just completely reopened my mind to all the great things that being into metal has to offer.

I was also really getting into Black Metal and Atmospheric black metal a lot. If you click on the last two highlights for Black Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal…. Mind will be Blown.

Which led me into the genre of Dungeon Synth.

I remember the was the

put out I think 1991, where [Lou and Pete Koller brothers of Sick of It All] were talking up HC and they said that in a nutshell Metal was just escapist music, with the lyrics being mainly about fantasy. I would have to agree for the most part at times.

So I again let’s thank the greedy money grubbing capitalists for not being able to view this documentary, if you really want to watch it, go to youtube directly and search for “InEffect 1991 NYCH Documentary”. My Apologies.

But sometimes that’s what a human being needs man. Especially in the age of Fascism and Idiocy. When things get so bad, it’s time, it’s necessary to be able to do that, it brings us hope for the future. It brings us courage, maybe even false bravado. It keeps our faith.

I love Sick Of It All, and I got nothing but unabashed love for the Koller Bros, so no disrespect guys. New York City Hardcore always though my veins. But I am still in love with metal.

So noisey did this article a while back regarding Slayer day, and how although Slayer kills it. There is just a plethora of amazing contemporary Metal bands spanning all of it’s sub genres to whet even the most annoying and picky metal head’s tastes.

Vice’s Noisey is hands down a very good media channel covering music communities and scenes of all types. They did both the Mike Judge and the One Man Black Metal band documentaries which are both top shelf. Metal head or not.

During the heady hot days of Jun 2018 Noisey rightly state Satan Deserves Better Than Slayer

So Noisey Satan will be listening to Metal for eternity, with never a dull moment don’t you worry. But of all the new stuff as far as traditional metal goes, without a doubt Visigoth and Savage Master are where it’s at for me for the time being.

Listed below is a superb interview with Savage Master. Enjoy my Comrades.

Before I let you all off of the Hook, “Meat” hook that is… I will leave will three really awesome urls for keeping you infused with heavy metal flowing through your veins.

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