My Dream

See man. This is really all I would want and all I would need. I remember a long, long time ago it seems back around 1989, on the beautiful island of Sardegna, sitting on top of a friend’s ramp in the Town of VIllasor. I told my bro that what I wished I could do and I told him, that I wished I could have a kind of scene like this, or what Bruce has with 88hours.

But what I want to do is more like a camp or place that all kids and adults that are ‘at-risk’ or ‘traumatized’ to come to. A place like a sanctuary almost in nature. In turn this place would bring love to me and a sense of community. Or maybe in a sense try and create my own community and connections.

Sometimes though I see these connections that were already made just dying and withering on the vine. Sadly, I have not done this yet. I would like to. Who knows if it’s ever achievable.

I am obsessed with learning to build at the very least a half way decent mini. What I really would love and I mean love to learn, is how to build these awesome OG Skateparks and Transitions.

As always people, One Love and Don’t Let the Bastards Wear You Down

And if you are an adult, or young kid thats down on your luck and the world is caving in on you. Man… I’ve been there to that place too. Never give up and Never give in.

No Stress No Shame


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