Roots of New York City Hardcore

So I got into Hardcore back around 86-88 via the Thrash Metal movement because I was a Hessher. But unbeknownst to me before there was the Cro-mags and the Agnostic Fronts there was some seriously brutal bands that are just beyond belief in their anger and rawness that is just beyond belief. I have curated this sound and energy of the 5 boros as well as some bands from New Jersey as well. These bands laid the groundwork and paved the way for the Straightedge movement in New York City, Boston, and DC. Here though we are focusing only on New York/Jersey.

First lets check out Kraut who I believe (but I am not 100% positive) were originally from Astoria, the only thing I can dig up on them is ironically their facebook page

Here is them playing their hit single Unemployed

They are without a doubt one of my favorite bands.

Here is a band that I had never heard of until poking around the intertubes as of late called SavageCircle

I literally cannot find anything else out about this band, so if someone has the 411 on them please hook me up.

The Icemen are an acquired taste… but once they get into to your blood it’s all over man. Unfortunately, they also have a facebook page but wtf I will humbly take whate I can get get. By now you should all know that I fucking hate facebook as a toxic resource aka fakebook.

And now… Hailing from Dirty Jersey we have the legendary Adrenalin O.D.

AOD also has a fakebook page, what can I do?

Razorcake zine did an awesome interview with them.

Krakdown was another badass NYCH band that was on the original NYCH comp put out by Revelation Records

The Abused to me epitomizes everything that straightedge and hardcore were/are about end of story,

Even maybe more so than Judge. Yes I did just type that out. Sorry Mike damn, no disrespect.

KriegKopf is another early 1980s punk/hardcore band that I discovered while literally devouring all of the content on Blogged And Quartered, in all honesty the inspiration for this post comes from this blog and it’s author “Stormy”. Yes… this is all can find out about the guy who runs this blog.

When I was first really starting to get into Hardcore I was so obsessed and consumed by “New York City” Hardcore and I found this cassette called New York City Thrash while I was stationed at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia at the 5th Combat Communications Group. This tape is so awesome, it is the foundation of many of the 2nd and 3rd wave of New York City Punk/Hardcore. One of my favorite songs of all times is “Asian White” by the “Fiends”. I can’t find much of anything about the Fiends at all, it is rather unnerving but this song has alot of validity to it, even in 2015. Listen to the words, and then think really hard about it.

Then we also had the “Man”, David Koenig. Who used to put out a zine in the mide 90s called Hardware , who also in the early 2000s did a mp3 series called the “History of New York City Hardcore” and it was amazing but I cannot find it anymore. But what I did find was an amazing book that he wrote entitled the same thing.

Now, for me most of my time when I was really getting into Hardcore/SXE etc, I was active duty Air Force and spending most of my time in Europe, or Texas/Georgia. During this time, I was NOT PHYSICALLY IN MY HOME STOMPING GROUNDS state of New York. You would not believe though how much we were down with the whole NYCH vibe be it in Europe or some other states in the US.

I want to give mad props and the utmost respect to both Dave and Stormy for that obsessive attention to detail and the pristine almost OCD like covering and documenting of the early NYCH and Punk scenes. You really gave me a gift that keeps on giving even at the ripe old age of a Half a Century and one year. Rage on, fellas!!!!

Hopefully, some of the younger kids growing up these days we’ll read this post and I can expose them to what has kept me alive through thick and thin.

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