Bloggers That Use Python and Pelican

Well… It’s has been over 4 months ago since my last post. WTF can I say, between disingenuous acquaintances that I had previously attemped to make a sincere and respectful connection with and the passing of my dog that lived to be 105 in dog years, I was stuck… End of conversation. But I brushed the dirt off, and I am trying (and succeeding) again. I am out of the comfort zone, wtf are you these days? I wanna know.

So this blog is coded and authored in Python and employs the static blog generator known as pelican. So… What do we have here!!!!

Well I curated a running list of bloggers that use python as well. So without further adieu here is the list.

The Launch By Lunch blog.

The Mamcmanus blog.

Aclark blog.

Louwrentius blog.

Patrick Collin’s blog.

The vctlabs blog.

The elif blog.

The cgwxyz blog.

Martin Fitzpatrick’s blog.

Dustri ’s blog.

The Wall of Scribbles blog.

The Rusty Razorblade blog.

The ionelmc blog.

Scott Schulz’s blog.

The Jml blog.

tshepang blog.

sixohthree blog.

moparx blog.

feoh blog.

** Update ** ** So now that the platform has moved away from Python and Pelican, we still have this post because I though I have moved on for the time being.** ** Pelican and Python are powerful development tools and stand beside them**

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