The Story Behind Nomadic American Labs

There is a reason why I chose the moniker, or brand if you will, of “Nomadic American Labs”. First and foremost I guess, it is because I added the word “Labs” to “Nomadic Americans”. This was indeed an overt and conscious decision.

I believe at least in my pin headed brain, that I am an intronaut and hacker. While the word hacker encompasses many things mainly being computer related, but I consider myself a mind, brain, soul and life hacker. Yeah, yeah, I know and yes, I do lurk on the Lifehacker branded site, and no disrespect to them but I really do think the term “Lifehacker” has a much deeper connotation than they give it.

Next, in the span of a half of a century on this planet, I have lived in so many different countries, states, cities, towns and countries that it’s not even remotely funny. I have never truly in my entire life, had a place that I really could call home, its this elusiveness of that sense of home, sanctuary that I have been soulfully searching for, and will I ever find that stationary physical place that I can truly call my own?

The formulation of this post has been written cerebrally for at least the better part of four years or so, but the slacker and procrastinator that I am, I guess it had to take this long. But it’s ok, life is not a fscking race!

But alas it is here!

Time and History are a one way trip along a straight line, so live for now. Live for now, DON’T SQUANDER THIS MOMENT!

I was born in the Bronx, at Pelham Bay General Hospital, now known as Montefiore Medical Center, in the heady spring of 1964, the year of the Civil Rights Act. LBJ is in Office, and Vietnam is starting to pop. Then when I was in third grade I move to Levittown, Long Island. In High School I lived in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

I spent the end of HighSchool and a complete failure at Nassau Community College from 1982-1985, living in Merrick, Long Island.

Then I went into the United States Air Force, starting in off in a tiny little town in Georgia called Robins Air Force Base.

Here is the down and dirty list of place I have lived after Georgia San Sperate, Sardegna, Italy San Angelo, Texas San Antonio, Texas Aviano, Italy Nave, (PN), Italy Vicenza , Italy Dharan, Khobar Towers, Kingdom, Saudi Arabia Al Kharj/Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingom, Saudi Arabia Al Udeid, Air Base , Qatar Wichita Falls, Texas Indian Springs, Nevada Clovis, New Mexico Portales, New Mexico Belmar, NJ North Middletown/East Keasburg NJ Lajes Field, Azores

Places I have traveled to Guam Milano, Italy Venice Beach, CA Quebec, CA Plattsburgh, CA Sierra Vista AZ Washington DC Newark NJ New York City Munich DE Caracas VZ Rome Italy Slovenia Catania, Sicilia Austria Doha, Qatar Bahrain KTown, DE Lake George NY Astoria NY Fayettevile NC Gastonia SC Augusta GA Villach, Austria

Even more amazing is that I have lived or “held” residence in definitely more than 23 differing addresses. To be honest, my 22 years in the USAF, the most driving factor is the diversity of travel opportunities that I did have during times of peace (relatively speaking) and I always asserted myself to exploit and use these opportunities to posture me for success in terms of my own personal growth and direct human experience.

Regretfully, but quite obviously, the mainstay of most of this travel abroad was work or defense related, so I grabbed those times when it was pleasurable to befriend many good people of different cultures and worlds.

Even within Corporate America’s constraints, I have always persisted and took enough initiative to travel the world in my post military career.

Then there was a show I watched a couple of years back or so, and it was a documentary about the only true remaining Nomads, the beduoins. This show, documented a beduion medicine man’s right of passage, which was to find you way with nothing out of the North African Saharan Desert.

Finally we come to the end what solidifies my decision to come up with Nomadic American Labs.

Back in 1989, I had purchased an Alva Bill Danforth , “American Nomad”, skateboard deck. This was the deck I had and rode on my first tast of half-pipes in good old Villasor, Sardegna, Italy. Bill, was a bad ass, to put it simply and I dug the flow he had and spoke in the Skateboard magazines of that time. So, now we have to fast foward, or tele-port back to present day, and low and behold Bill Danforth, is kicking ass still, and a rand and file member of the “Old Man Army”. Now, Bill has a new deck and is on new company.

He is even youtube.

I have much respect for the main OG American Nomad, and I hope he is flattered by this.


In a nutshell, thats the long and short of it.

It’s important to me, that I tell this story of how this came to be. The thoughts and feelings that “Nomadic American Labs” was brought forth.

Let’s face it. Additionally, it is a suave acronym as well. (NAL) or “November Alpha Lima”

Where this goes I don’t know.

But I used to have the domain and a SSL cert for it, but they original deployment platform operating system and where it would be physically hosted got nixed.

In essence the more I live my life, breathing in the air of this big blue marble. Especially in the last two years or so. It is really a befitting brand or handle if you will.

See you all on the Flip Side


caveat: There was some semi-serious Personnally Identifiable Information (PII) dropped here if you are overly paranoid. Look, I held a DCID14 as well an SCI clearance for the better part of over two decades. Whatever. Good luck with the spy versus spy over aggrandizement. Exploitable. Maybe, possibly. Just remember… Everyone is. Even the watchers and the haters, as well as the bullies.

So now in 2018, It’s more like Locals Only. Cars R Coffins!

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