I met a movie star


So last late July, I took a weekend up in the Catskills mountains which has become somewhat of a family tradition. Usually somewhere relatively around Saugherties, Kingston and Woodstock. Well on one of those days we were all collectively meandering around the center of town in Woodstock and most of us were hankering to get our eat on because it was lunch time.

So all of us had our mind’s set on this place called “The Landau Grill”, which now is “out of business”, but anyway on this day we looked over across Mill Hill Road at where it is located and the line was pretty bad, but we said “Let’s give it a go”. So we get on the line, and I was just making idle talk about Mr. Robot and I see this dude that looks eerily just like Philip Price, the CEO of ECorp on Mr. Robot. So, I look over a couple more times and in my head I am like this is the GUY! So he makes eye contact with me on my last look back very suave like and I get the nerve to kindly introduce myself to him, and I just ask him if he is the guy from Mr. Robot. He introduces himself as Michael Cristofer because I did not know his name, and we talked for a few minutes in depth.

A very “Uomo Gentile” and awesome human being. We talked about how awesome the Catskills are. I told him in depth my thoughts and theories concerning the story line behind Mr. Robot. He told me he was from New Jersey which just sealed the deal for me. The guy was just so down to earth. This was during a weekend from hell where let’s just say my “Mental Health” was NOT up to standards of well being so it made things fun. What I found is that basically Michael has a lot of ties to Woodstock NY due to his work at the River Arts Repertory. Michael seems to be wired more for theater, as his love for theater appears to be boundless, but we did not talk about this at all so I don’t know.

So far there have been inklings here and there on when Season 4 will drop in 2019 but really nothing concrete at this point. In the interim go run not walk to Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody

I don’t know what the fsck is going on here, again but youtube or the MPAA is blocking this from being viewed. If you want to see a trailer bad enough go back to youtube’s site directly and search for it. Again, I apologize for the predatory nature of Capitalism.

I mean it’s not the be all end all of movies or documentaries about Queen but it’s a good film. Rami is a great actor. You decide.

I cannot state clearly enough how much I love this show, I feel it on the inside, it resonates to the very depth of my soul. It gave me a small opportunity to love TV Shows again in a time of great depression and jadedness. If you never watched this yet, you best run like your life depended on it and devour the last 3 seasons like your life depended on it. teSome other famous people I have met, Telly Savalas, Queen Latifah and Sam Wolf.

Moral of the Story

So in the end, we actually never got into “Landau’s Grill* we ended going into a place called "Marias Bazaar and Cafe”. I have dined here many times and it’s an old favorite, down home cooking, down home vibe, you can’t go wrong. So when in Woodstook, drop in at Marias.

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