Remembering Martin Luther King: 2019

I am a Man

So I guess I am a little bit late to the party. But I wanted to leave you all with this. MLK was not a representative and force multiplier for African Americans. He stood for labor, the proletariat if you will… and the poor. Regardless of race, creed, sexuality identity etc. etc.

Two things that more than anything ensured his assassination because he was a threat, to capitalism, to white people, and to the rich in a very tangible sense. He was also seen as a Marxist Threat quite possibly in some people’s eyes.

The foremost reason that these people really knew he was a threat was the Poor Peoples Campaign. This really put them in a state of fear let’s just say.

As well as the Speech Martin Luther King gave on behalf of the Memphis, Tennessee sanitation workers in 1968.

The strike was carried out by AFSMCE in 1968.

I know you are in a better place “Rev”, I will never forget your dream or the “Mountain Top” that I need to always strive for the “Higher”. I will always stand by my brothers, sisters, and comrades… In the house, shop floor, the kitchen, the streets and the battlefield.

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