Change of Focus


Thought that may this site was going to die a slow death or I have been getting fat and lazy eh? No, couldn’t be further from the truth to be honest. It’s that ever since I started down the path to become a hardened Django developer I have become overly focused on that site, but things have finally stabilized to a degree so far, and to be honest I have learn a lot, and I must say that I am very happy with the results to that end.

People think perhaps (not sure) that being a blogger is mainly just being a journalist, writer, or a web developer and that is what it all comes down to. No… Being a good blogger has everything to do as well with being a really good designer to boot, and even more so as that of a good curator. We have to be good at scouring the InterTubes for the highest-quality content that we feel serves our purposes of our sites and our sites readership. Being the professional curator is in my mind of the highest priorities of being a relevant blogger and it ain’t easy. My workflow regarding this involves an inordinate amount of time sorting through collected Uniform Resource Identi fier(s)(URI) s and organizing them into some sort of stable and sane arrangement in order to integrate into my posts or blogroll.

So, I thought I would let you my dear readers into all the other banal and myopic activities and pursuits that I have been engaging in besides tightening up my sister site project The Nomadic American Labs Django Based Blog Project. I have been spending alot of time reading the following four books (yes, at the same time and yes I will finish them all even through the indices).

Over the past six months I have really started to get into Conquer The Flags as well as intentionally broken Web Applications, and studying much of OWASP’s documentation.

Now I will leave you with some quick but tasty linkage like my Leo Kottke. This guy is the OG of blogs and he is good. No bullshit. What blogs should be and once were.

So now in the interim I am going to leave you with a mishmash of ten different URIs that span a wide breath of topics. Enjoy.

Don’t worry things will be settling down and you will see more full-length posts in the not-so-distant future. Word is Bond!

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