93.4M Mexicans Personally Identifiable Information Compromised


Summary: Dealing with failure

So here we are once again, and right on time as well. So it appears that an incorrect or poorly configured Mongo Data Base led to the exposure and compromise of 93.4 Million Mexican citizens, in the form of a datastore that held Mexico’s voter information.

You know Chris Vickery is doing an outstanding job as well as DataBreaches at unpacking and reporting on these breaches but when they start mentioning that the main attack vector was a database or webapp I wish to god that we could get more technical and/or granular in the who, what, when and where. Not to diss either of them, maybe it is never really disclosed transparently enough to get enough of a handle on the details. But it is so lame, that like a year or so ago, there have been two different posts and articles directly related to the consequences of poor MongoDB security, so WTF over?

Hacking MongoDB for fun Really, I mean it’s on LinkedIn Not a problem?

600TB of data exposed due to misconfigured MongoDB Hot off the presses eh? From July of last year that is.

Here’s some help, after a 1 second DuckDuckGo query. MongoDB Best Security Practicies Run!!! Don’t Walk!!.

Good Day.

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