Thank you Django Girls

Django Girls

So this blog in and of itself is based in it’s foundation upon the end result of the Django Girls and their top-notch tutorial. I followed the tutorial to a tee and then completed the homework. Once this was done, I made some heavy modifications and additional plugins were added to mimic the functionality and features of Pelican.

Mainly it was for adding functionality of Markdown and Google Analytics, I still want to add functionality to add on Social Networks buttons but have not gotten around to that.

I also ended modifying the CSS color scheme and fonts.

Along the way, I had to go from ORM, Postgresql and ended up with Mysql. Believe it not all of the Database drama, went without a hitch in the end, even though it was a pain in the ass.

It has been an awesome learning experience, but at this point in time, in many ways, I have been spoiled by the Pelican platform and it’s simplicity. Especially for a Blog, where you are pretty much the main person running the show.

But to get proficient in, and to create some decent web applications with the Django framework has been a long term goal for me, and I have only just begun.

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