I wont follow the rules of those pious pathetic fools

I wont abide by their rules of submission

Or their showers of shame

I won’t blindly follow societal rules

I have a much more higher level of cognition

And I carried a cross that was much too heavy for me, and constantly took the blame

And no, it’s not an over dramatization

It’s not a fucking game

When you come to the realizaiton

That all you’ve ever known is shame

Well we all have to disrobe and take off our armour

Lay down our arms

And bring the ship back into harbor

Relax and don’t respond to false alarms

Hoist up the sails of bravery and courage

Get back in the race

For crumbs of truth… No longer shall I forage

In the everlasting mirror… I am slowly starting to see my own face

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