It’s not just about quality, it’s about being consistent


So back in 2010 I became somewhat obsessed (and deluded as well) about “Minimalism”. One person that stood out among the crowd back then for sure was Ev Bogue. He had a blog back then Far Beyond The Stars, but over time it seemed to me that he started to endure a lot of hate from the internet. Now… 5 years later Bogue is still hanging tough.

I mean I must admit, back then, into 2011-2012, it seemed like my man Ev had kinda gone off the deep end. Kind of like he needed to as some people say “Get over himself”. One thing is for sure though, he stuck to his guns and he does what he does, and he does it “his” way.

I mean is there a better way to take care of yourself and be true to your self? From 2010-2016 for me, things went from bad, to dire and back again. But I am still here, no worse for wear. Doing what I love for the most part, and focusing on me and my quality of life. Simplified, stripped down to bare bones. If not I die, that’s the way it is, and I mean that shit quite literally.

Since, I started my first project Nomadic American Labs, I try very hard not to obsess over traffic that I receive but I can’t help it, and sometimes my overall pathetic lack of hits to my sites really depresses me. But I have to push on.

But I have heard and read from many other successful bloggers that one thing you must do is not quit, and even more importantly is to post and to post consistently. Enter a post from “Ev Bogue” in 2016 on Consistency

Another human being and blogger that I have immense respect for is “Sacha Chua” who wrote two very excellent posts regarding the frequency and consistency of cranking out blog posts are

One Post a Day and also, Part 13 of Discovering yourself through blogging

What’s funny is that Sacha and Ev have no idea, that they are largely responsible for my writing and my will to sustain this project through the sad and bad times. Through the times when I have not had any significant traffic at all for months at time. If not I am just some superficial asshole, who is doing this for all the wrong reasons.

I say to myself that I am just writing these posts and maintaining this blog for myself and fuck everyone else, but that’s hardly the truth. Way down on the inside I do want mad visitors to my site, but sadly that may never be possible. Sometimes (actually always) things are the way they are. Deal.

I have always told myself, that if could just get one person’s synapse’s to fire, or to raise one person’s consciousness or get them to unlearn one self-destructive thing I would die a happy man. I have come to terms with the fact that perhaps many human beings just don’t buy the shit I be selling. Don’t know either way at this point. Just know that I have to take care of me, and one of the ways that I do that is through this project.

I do know one thing though, is that at this moment I promise myself, my readership if any and those that I love that I will carry on and march forward regardless of having failed or the possibility of imminent failure upon the horizon. I did this out of love, and in the spirit of what the Internet (at least in my pea sized brain) used to be, and what it should be, as well as could be again.

I will do my best to post more frequently and more consistently as possible, but I will always strive for the Higher in regards to my writing and content. To continue to be a craftsman in all my labour.

** UPDATE: Archived and Migrated from the old “Nomadic American Labs Django Blog”, that I was hosting at Pythonanywhere**

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