Apathy and Uncertainty get in the way of Goal Setting

Somebody Cares

So… In the beginning I was going to literally work my fingers to the bone for writing this review of the last Andrew Bacevich book I was reading and it literally became way too long for a blog per say, but I think it reads really good and it’s from the heart.

Honestly I really don’t think most Americans or people globally care enough to read my thoughts on it, and I had to take a break from it. It is very overwhelming to go back over this book. So it’s safe to say that I ended up putting it on the back burner.

For now…. at least… Some days I just say it is not going to get finished but it should.

It does matter. Even if only to me.

So anyway if not for naught, although we (for the most part) pulled out of Iraq, just because we are still in Operation Eduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Freedoms Sentinel (OFS), then I need to finish it and get it posted.

I also have this habit of being (At least in my own mind) fairly good at deploying web projects and not half bad at web design but I have no idea on what to write sometimes.

I really don’t know who it is I am writing for, I honestly wished and hoped that there would be an audience or even haters to say the least. But this blog in and of itself is like the cheese in the farmer and the dell.

In reality the only person that matters in the end is the author… The sender… The transmitter… and if the message is never received yes it is a tragedy in one context it is still a positive act in others. It is a positive act in the sense of personal and spiritual growth. I learned immense knowledge on the webdev and design as well as security side of things, and also writing to boot.

So as stupid and yet great at the same time, I am not giving up, I will go down with the ship when it sinks but it’s not sinking right now, just off of it’s charted course some what.

I am also behind in my book reviews as well, I read two other books since the review started. I have also been cranking on Freecodecamp, and diving deep in the OWASP juice shop too.

I have been sick all fall and winter so far, I have to get back to my dojang asap.

I learned how to make pasta with my Marcato Pasta Machine.

So there will be some link dumps, and also a good number of posts on some good music to take a look at it.

And Playstation4? Well don’t even get me started… Houston we have a problem.

Well thats all for now check-in wise, hope to see you soon enough.

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