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Public Service Announcement I guess it should be obvious to my readership and audience, but just in case it isn’t. When you are reading posts and you see a word with an underline (It may be hard to see for people with bad eyes), please let me know if it is problematic to all of you, then if you click on the word itself, it will take you to another hyperlink/content. I feel very strongly to let you all know this, because I think it is one of the primary features of the way that I craft my posts.

Wheww. Glad that I got that out of the way for us all. Have an awesome day and be well. Stay positive.

I’m subscribed to the Blogs subreddit on reddit and also I am on Twitter, and I would like to let you know about some Blogs that I have come across, mainly from the Blogs subreddit. Both of them are pretty new, and their respective authors are up and coming in the Blogoshere and trying to gain a foothold in it, as well as some respect and notoriety. One of them deals with Mental Health and Well Being, entitled “23 Broke and Happy” while the other one deals more with Traveling, and Urban Exploration, the title of this blog is “Traversing Travy”. Both subjects are near and dear to my heart.

The other two blogs that I found on Twitter are more or less dealing with Travel as well being an American Expat. Which I think about practically all of the time. The blogs I believe are significantly more polished and established as of the present moment. The first one I think has one of the best names you could ever have for a blog and is all about Travel, Adventure, and Food, which is called “Beats The Office”. The next blog is about a Minimalism and entitled “A Minimalist Abroad”. I really dig the clean look and feel of this blog, it is a minimalist theme but not the atypical minimalist aesthetic. The writing is top notch as well.

Depression is no joke, it can make you take your own life. It’s a living Hell! And many of you that even have made light of it, or just think you can get over it and tough it out. You have suffered as well maybe, you just keep your mask and costumes on a lot longer, therefore delaying the healing. Some of the subjects in these blogs are very very heavy and border on “Not Safe For Work”, the subjects are just rather intense and there is some profanity. If you can’t deal with that at the office then don’t read it at the office, but by all means take the time to check them out, to see if they will become daily reads. Respect.

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