Secure, Stable and Sane Instant Messaging with XMPP

So although I am Fakebook free, I still a fairly moderate user of Google+ for posting short pieces. I really enjoi Google+ for it’s little chat client and hangouts as well.

To be honest I find Google’s IM client a daily necessity for keeping touch with a few core crew of friends, and co-workers on projects.

I have worked in work-centers where a jabber box would be set up, and we used it in quite a secure practical, and utilitarian manner.

Now, there are a number of secure, encrypted public jabber im servers all over the planet, go check out the jabber server list.

Pick a server relatively close to you, with robust ping replies. Read their respective FAQ, download a client, register an account. Then configure your client. For, example for me, I chose Adium, and I rock mavericks on an MBA 11", but for Mac users maybe you just want to use native iChat which will work just fine.

If you are a sicko ninja, you can find plenty of minimalist “text-only” xmpp

clients too, as always the beauty of this is, that there is a myriad of ways to do it.

But more importantly no matter, what you do, if you don’t configure the client for encryption then really what is the point?

Don’t walk… Run…..

You can find me at

On the Jabber/XMPP network.

“Let’s Go!!!”

“The Nomad”

Gotta love this 90 degree weather up here in “Dirty Jersey”

So basically, to be put it straight out there, probably within 3-4 months, my Google account will be gone. But I will be keeping this jabber account, I really do challenge all of you to stop looking at myopic content, for only 1 minute to register, download the client, and add me as a contact, but get your friends as well.

Believe me, you will be doing them a favor.

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