Find your line and just Flow

La Playa Hermosa

To let go of the pain that only my rancid heart can infer\ I will embrace the places that you refused to go, refused to look at, refused to understand\ To let go of my beliefs and realities, and see clearly once and for all… nothing can deter\ There is nothing in the end that I can command\

Just to flow And live\ Just to go\ And give

Everything I got Not to just sit here and watch the planet rot

But if I cant sit still in the pain Moving is only just as good as standing in the pouring reign

Just be here still Yet moving at the speed of light\ Empty the thoughts that fill\ Your mind with anxiety and fright

Your little friend, he is still inside He does not have to hide

Be the light Point your face to the sun and smile\ It’s alright\ Be true to yourself, because you have not been that way for a while

Enternal Enduring\ Epically

Pura Vida

Mi Playa Hermosa Siempre

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