Into This Centrifuge

Into this centrifuge of shit

The volcanic storm of idiocy

Day after day

Until everything about life has turned a malignent grey

But all the lament has been digested and washed away

Until I have nothing left to say

For even to myself

I have no more conversations\ For they have languished on the shelf\ Numb…devoid of all sensations\ I go on breathing defying all\ Beyond death beyond existense\ There is still a flame an oxygen heeds it call\ Try to process a reality that has no sense\ And it’s so very hard not to lose all hope\ And see the furthest stars in the blackest of space\ All your destruction and hurt still can’t help you cope\ With the universe rotting out right in front of your face\ Find the energy, find the power and find it now!\ And catch it before it fades\ This is all you have!\ And this is all you get\ Be the most genuine, and follow the truth if you have to all the way to hades\ Look for your reflection in the darkest urban night when the streets are empty, slick and wet\ What next lives and extistences await us all\ No one knows, but many false ones claim to know the answers\ All of humanity ends up taking falls\ Just hold on tight and you just might find your soul’s deterrence to all these psychic cancers\

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