A post fit for American diaspora

Here is a most suave Chart that cannot be fronted on. Not only that, but if you check everything out you will note that the Pew Institute posts a chart of the week for all you stats geeks.

So here is an important question to ask? What is the list of motivating variables that act as an impetus for human beings that are citizens of the United States to move to another state within the country? What are these driving factors?

  1. am thinking here that it is money, jobs, family, and health being the top drivers. Then saftey, education, and culture. Maybe that is just because it is how I would guess
  2. would unpack and prioritize it.

Your thoughts dear readers.

Anyhoo, my young americans it is a good read, but more importantly it should be a great impetus of thought generation on why people relocate. I think this is a huge topic/meme that should be explored at the sociological and labor studies field as a possible vector into a full blown academic research thesis down the road.

It’s important. Read, educate yourself.

Have an awesome day, dear readers.


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