Opening Arguments

My personal spiritual belief is that we are born inherently with our own sense of Autonomy, Agency, and Human Dignity that no one can or should try to take away. There are no free lunches in life, and if these are threatened to be compromised it up to ourselves and our own human agency to be driven enough to defend ourselves.

On this blog you may initially find a large breadth of subject content, and I know that many of the Rockstars in the blogosphere may say that this approach will fail, and how can I doubt them. However, I have been known to go off on tangents or grooves if you will both, musically and with my consumption of other media formats. Hey, what can I tell you.

So, you will definitely see content here regarding all sorts of things related to open source, application security, privacy issues, punk rock, hardcore, book reviews, my own original writings and short stories, immigration, labor reform, maybe even politics. You will most definitely read about my micro instate travels and travels abroad.

No I am not building comments into the framework of this blog. At first I was going to implement that functionality via disqus but I have since then changed my mind.

It’s been a very intense year for me for a number of different reasons, that I am unsure if I will elaborate on or not. We will see just how far I can take this and what feels right to express, articulate and write about some of it maybe very personal and honestly I am not sure what my threshold is for personal transparency via the web. There will be a level of personal disclosure here that many people may feel uncomfortable with even having to fire off a neuron about the subjects, but this is what real life and the real raising of consciousness is all about. If not, then when I die as a human being somewhere along the line I failed.

Furthermore, every human being has a right to privacy and dignity. I do not need any culture, religion, military might or state might to dictate this truth to me.

A litte civility goes a long way, but that does not mean we can’t look hard at real life social, cultural and technical problems and call each other on our shit in real time. We just have to strike a balance between the two.

So I leave you my dear readers with the inaugural statement of what my beliefs are, especially in the content of media making.

So let’s write!

Thats what I am doing here.

Making media. Expressing Emoting Coding Skating

Pura Vida

So in essence if you like a mashup of variety of content then this may work, if you need a blog that is single topic oriented I totally understand but I am not sure which way the content will take us.

Stay Tuned my comrades

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